DevKids offers Live Online Coding for Kids between the age of 4 - 15 years. We offer a wide range of coding courses for kids who are the next generation of builders and inventors with the aim of teaching them creativity, critical thinking & problem solving by building computer apps, games and other fun projects. Kids get 1:1 live classes with our professional tutors to cater for the learning preference of each child in Blockly, Scratch, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. We also teach concepts in machine learning, artificial intelligence and so much more.

Coding for Kids
Devkids offers a wide range of online coding courses for kids and teenagers alike. Some of these coding courses includes coding fundamentals, game design, animations, web development, app development, cybersecurity and data science. We have developed these coding courses to teach kids to code irrespective of the age and also equip them with core programming skills, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skills and better academic performance. Our facilitators are industry experts who have been carefully selected. They are not only expectional at coding but also exceptional at teaching kids coding. If you are a parent exploring the possibility of teaching your kid coding, then DevKids is the place to be. Enrol now

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For the next generation of builders
and inventors

Personalized live coding classes for 4-18 year olds. Teach your kids to build apps, games and other fun projects!

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With support from our live tutors your kids will learn Logic
, Creativity
and Problem solving

85% of the jobs that will
exist by 2030 haven’t been created yet

Computers are everywhere. From the world of finance, travel, fashion, entertainment and health computers make our lives better. Computer science is now a foundational skill for preparing children for the 21st century.

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Coding is for everyone! Our curriculum has been carefully designed to makeCoding fun!

Strengthen your
child’s creativity
Improve their logical
thinking skills
Enhance their problem solving abilities
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How it works

A personalized live-tutoring experience delivered by our expert

Every lesson is highly personalized and designed to make learning engaging.

Kids connect easily with their Tutors by joining lessons via a laptop or tablet.

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Project-Based Learning

Kids learn by doing and easily gain the skills to become digital creators. Track their progress as they unlock new milestones.




Our Coding Curriculum

Our curriculum is built using global Computer Science standards, including the Harvard Creative Computing curriculum, to ensure your kids build foundational skills to be globally competitive.


(4 - 7 years)

Curriculum includes

  • Coding fundamentals
  • Animations and interactive stories
  • Game design


Coding Fundamentals

Digital Author

Game Designer


(8 - 12 years)

Curriculum includes

  • Fundamentals of coding
  • Digital Art and game design
  • Introduction to web development


Digital Creator

Web Developer

Game Designer


(13 - 18 years)

Curriculum includes

  • Introduction to web development
  • Game design and app development
  • Cybersecurity & Data Science


App Developer

Cybersecurity Beginner

Data Science Beginner

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